Our Story

Creating Closer Bonds Every Day

Both of us love sewing and once, while sewing for our little girls, we saw how they had eagerly put on the unfinished clothes, picked up the leftover fabric scraps, wrapped them around their soft toys and engaged in pretend-play. 

We saw how our girls started extending their identities onto the dolls as they were wearing matching ‘clothes’. The conversations that ensued from the scenarios they wrote in their minds were intriguing. We didn’t know it then, but that was when the idea of Hana & Me was born. 

We designed and custom-made Hana for our girls and used it to create scenarios to talk about complex issues in our daughters’ fun-sized world. When our girls extend themselves onto Hana, it provides them comfort and a non-threatening platform to communicate what often are major crises in their lives - such as fighting over toys with their friends or school refusal.



Hana was designed mainly as a tool for dramatic play. That is why we incorporated a simple design with no beauty or standards as defined by the world. Hana is made entirely of fabric with no messy hair to detangle. A well-loved Hana can simply be thrown into the washer and dryer, together with her clothes, and she will be good as new.


Petite Size

Our petite-sized clothes are custom-made to fit Hana perfectly. They are easy to put on and remove without any complicated buttons or clasps. It is even manageable for girls as young as 18 months old – tried and tested by our own daughters.


We hope that through fusing the fun of dressing up in matching clothes with Hana, and using her as a tool for communication and bonding, families, like ours, will be able to Create Closer Bonds every day.